Lead Generation

We have helped multiple businesses find and nurture highly relevant leads by creating business- and customer-oriented marketing strategies and revising them after getting feedback from the sales team.

We'll help you identify your target audience, track conversions and increase user engagement

Service qualified leads are contacts or customers who have indicated to your service team that they want to become paying customers. An example of a qualified service leader is a customer who tells their customer service representative that they want to upgrade their product subscription; At this point, the customer service representative would promote that customer to the appropriate team or sales representative.

If someone outside of the marketing world asks me what I do, I can’t just say, “I create content for lead generation.” They would totally miss it and you would get really confused looks.

I want to give them enough freebies to make them naturally interested in my business so that they end up feeling comfortable enough with the brand to hear from us!”

That usually sounds better, and that’s what lead generation is: it’s a way to get potential customers interested in your business and direct them toward a potential purchase.